The boy above is sold 














Royal Easter Show winner

Barebeauties Osiris

Barebeauties Osiris


Below - one of Jewels boys



We have bred our first Seal/White Mink boy. He has gone to Wendy Evertston in Victoria

We have Kittens, Zsa Zsa had 4, 2 boys and 2 girls, Roxy had 7, 1 boy and 6 girls.   SOLD

The Sphynx babies below have now been sold.

Below is an email I received from Emma. Emma contacted me weeks ago wanting a show cat, I decided to send her the red boy in the picture. Emma lives in Darwin. Emma named the red boy in the picture "Nergal". Emma sent me a lovely email saying she had taken Nergal to a Cat show in Darwin. Below are the results of his first show. As you can imagine Emma and myself are both thrilled. I thank Emma for giving him such a wonderful home. 


Well Nergal has settled down really well. He and our other cat, Gummy Bear, love each other to death although she likes to use him as a chew toy so he has a few bite marks and scratches on him, lol. He follows me around every, sleeps with me every night and is getting spoilt rotten.

We had our last Darwin show today and because he has settled in so well I entered him to give him some exposure whilst he is young. Im allowed 3 shows with the registration pending so thats fine. So you want the good news or the excellent news?

Ring 1: Male kitten U7 - 1st (out of 15), Best interstate bred sphynx - 1st (LOL, out of 1), 2nd Best kitten in show (out of 28)

Ring 2: Male kitten U7 - 1st, Best interstate bred sphynx - 1st, Best kitten in show, Best interstate bred in show (included adults, about 35 cats)

Judge's award for show (out of 63)

The judge in ring one judges Sphynxs a lot and loves them. She said he is perfect in everyway, tail, wrinkles, colouring, eye shape, ears, etc and he purred the whole time she handled him except he has slightly too much fur on his nose. But because she loved him so much she and the other judge made him judges award for the whole show (some pretty good cats there too, lots of grand champions and higher).

Not bad for his first show and being a kitten J



Rafaella & Musson our new imports are the proud

 parents to 7 beautiful babies, 6 boys and 1 girl,

 all are doing well at this stage. SOLD

I am thrilled with this litter - 6 boys are cream point and 1 girl seal point, all blue eyes. Rafaella is a fantastic mum!!

The kids after a trip to the vet - they all had to have different coloured collars on to identify them and the vet put blobs of black in in their ears - they weren't happy. 

The boy above will stay with us as a potential stud 

The boys lounging on their new cat scratcher. 


Fransuella had 4 babies, 3 girls & 1 boy. SOLD


 Zsa Zsa had one little boy "Salty", he has gone to live with Johsi & Rani on the Sunshine Coast. I couldn't have wished for a better home.

Below are some awesome photo's that Johsi sent me of her little daughter "Rani" and her new best friend "Salty". What a great pair. 

 Our kittens are purebred registered Sphynx.


Our babies come de-sexed,  vaccinated and  microchipped with a vet check & health guarantee. Our kittens do not go to their new home until they are 14  weeks. Our kittens are raised in a loving home environment.

 Please do not ask for entire kittens as the answer will be no.


When emailing me please tell me a little about yourself and why you would like to be owned by a Sphynx.

or email:  traskjoanne@gmail.com 

all enquires phone: 07) 41628237 or 0401671251




  We have a 40 acre property and we have abundant wildlife - by building this cattery our cats can still enjoy birdlife etc, without doing any harm to the wildlife or themselves, we believe in responsible pet ownership.

Email: traskjoanne@gmail.com