Hi, Welcome to my website.

 We are an in house cattery situated in Kingaroy Qld. We are registered breeders of purebred Sphynx. We breed exclusively Sphynx with no outcrossing in our lines for at least 4 generations. We are breeding - Seal Point (blue eyes), Cream Point (blue eyes), Black, B/W Tuxedo, Red, Chocolate, Blue/White, White, Blue,Tortie, Tabby, Bi Colours,  Mink (aqua eyes) Blue Mink (aqua eyes)

I have now been breeding for 8yrs, my goal for breeding is to improve the breed. We don't just breed to have kittens, we selectively breed.


Regards  Joanne Trask

email: traskjoanne@gmail.com




Over the last few months it has been brought to my attention that we have an unscrupulous "breeder" in our mist.

I have had several conversations with people that have purchased Cats/ Kittens from this person only to have them die. I had a phone call and whilst I was talking with the lady on the phone, the kittens were dying as we were speaking - the vet had no idea what was wrong with these kittens - all died.  This person is advertising "everywhere". Any responsible/reputable breeder should not need to advertise. 

Myself and other responsible breeders have worked very hard to get Sphynx into Australia and to keep the breed as pure as we can  without inbreeding or cross breeding.  

Please ask to see pedigree's and make sure they are Pedigree's of said cat and not copied from a "responsible breeders" website. Check the pedigree's to see if there is any inbreeding.  Also make sure that the breeder is a registered breeder.

I have no idea if these cats/kittens are purebred Sphynx - I have my doubts, If they are - shame on the person for selling them to him in the first place.